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This website has been written for parents. It is one of a ‘matched pair’, the other being which covers the same topics but from the point of view of the school.


The topics we look at are the ones that cause the biggest problems in relationships and communication between Home and School. Usually these are the areas of school life that are the most misunderstood and have been around for so long that we take them for granted.  


As with all our websites, we aim to give clear, unbiased information that fully informs our readers.


We know that different people want different levels of information so we've used the 3 columns of the page to give 3 different levels of information.



















The Basics

This column gives you basic information about the topic.

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The Detail

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The Solution?

This is where you'll find the detailed explanation about a particular aspect of the topic. It is designed to increase your understanding of why things are as they are and, perhaps more importantly, what the possibilities and alternatives are.

This section suggests ways that you could approach your child's school about problems related to the topic.


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